Everyone has ego. Behind that ego are insecurities. It is a psychological defence mechanism people build for themselves as they go through challenging situations in life. Never seek to “conquer” other people’s insecurities or yours. Always seek to understand first. You cannot change what you do not understand. Be kind.

The ego is not a static thing – nor are people – it can morph, evolve, grow bigger, smaller. But most people do not know their own egos well, and are unaware when their ego acts up or the consequences. When it acts up, people usually stops listening, become emotionally charged, just want to be heard, vent, or even have emotional outbursts, walk away from communicating or become silently withdrawn from any other communication with others.

Those are good signals to take note of, to pause and pay attention to their reaction objectively, non-judgmentally. And your own – does your ego reacts to other people’s too? When does it react? How does it react? Why?

We cannot runaway from dealing with egos or people in life, think of these situations as providing valuable information about the emotional and mental limitations that stop people growing on the inside.

Then we can build and enlarge the compassionate space within ourselves to learn how to overcome these limitations, to view them from more compassionate perspectives – to keep us growing from the inside and be a better person.


Stay awake
Wilful or unintended ignorance is not bliss
We all pay the price for ignorance
Regardless if it’s wilful or unintended

Stay vigilant
Take nothing for granted
Make no assumptions
Observe the consequences of your actions and inaction carefully
Unless you want unintended harm on your conscience
If you don’t
Make no excuses

Stay vigilant


Freedom is the song of the soul ~Rumi

If you cannot avoid the storms and dramas of life, learn to sail above them.

Train yourself not to let negative people or events dampened your spirit for too long.

When it’s time, free yourself.

Life is too short to be spent drowning in petty arguments, misery or the ‘comfortable’ past.

Carpe diem!

New adventures await!

Nothing is more important than freedom!

Where you find freedom, there you shall also find peace
And love flowing, in you, again.

Remember, you were born with wings. Soar!

Rise! Rise! Rise!

Above the sorrows of the world
Above all fears
And the doubts they have been sowing in the depths of your heart and mind
Above all illusions of your powerlessness



Evil thrives when the good becomes complacent, or wallows in disillusionment or denial.

Love does not rest
It is always growing
Always humble
Always vigilant
Always nurture
Always encourage
Always uplift
Always forgive
Always protect
Always gentle
Always strive to be fair and just
Always embrace and stand up for the truth

It does not waver in the face of failures, threats, violence, doubts, deceptions, any form of darkness
It is always fearless
Always choose courage
And empowerment
For the self and the collectives
Always inspire
Always free the spirit

It will withstand the test of time
Is always worth striving for
Always a work in progress

It is truly, a verb


Love is a funny thing
It is beautiful
It is wholesome
To feel cherished, appreciated, cared for, understood
To be accepted for who we are
Just as we are
Flawed as we are

Many would do anything to receive love
But almost always forget that it cannot be demanded

It is most of all, a gift
That must be given freely
And received freely

When we start demanding, expecting
Our love, for ourselves and others, starts to become twisted
Manifested in forms of jealousy, manipulation, drama
Relationships then become complicated
Laden with baggage, conditions, misunderstandings
And we become petty

But that is oh, so human

And the miracle is
We almost always get healed again
By love
Which comes in many ways
Unexpected ways

Reminding us that getting hurt is part of the process of learning to love ourselves and others
So cry wholeheartedly
For the hurt that you have suffered
And the hurt that you have caused others

Then wipe away your tears
And be brave again
And dive head and toe again
To life