Love is a funny thing
It is beautiful
It is wholesome
To feel cherished, appreciated, cared for, understood
To be accepted for who we are
Just as we are
Flawed as we are

Many would do anything to receive love
But almost always forget that it cannot be demanded

It is most of all, a gift
That must be given freely
And received freely

When we start demanding, expecting
Our love, for ourselves and others, starts to become twisted
Manifested in forms of jealousy, manipulation, drama
Relationships then become complicated
Laden with baggage, conditions, misunderstandings
And we become petty

But that is oh, so human

And the miracle is
We almost always get healed again
By love
Which comes in many ways
Unexpected ways

Reminding us that getting hurt is part of the process of learning to love ourselves and others
So cry wholeheartedly
For the hurt that you have suffered
And the hurt that you have caused others

Then wipe away your tears
And be brave again
And dive head and toe again
To life

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