Malaysia Paid $50.3 Million In Interest On 1MDB Energy Langat Bonds-Minister Lim

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KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 18) — Malaysia Thursday paid $50.3 million in interest on bonds issued by 1MDB Energy Langat and the government will service all debt obligations of the now-defunct state investment agency, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said. 

“Malaysia will not be in default. We’ll make the payments so that it doesn’t affect our (credit) ratings,” Lim told reporters in parliament. 

The government will pay $52.413 million on Nov 11 as interest payments on 1MDB debt and 143.75 million ringgit for sukuk on Nov. 29, he added.  

The Alliance of Hope coalition government that swept to power in May’s shock election outcome has said it will fulfil debt obligations of 1MDB despite such hefty payments weighing on government finances. 

– By Gan Pei Ling
– Edited By Abhrajit Gangopadhyay

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